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About Lecrae

Lecrae is a friend of student ministry.  His solid ministry past has prepared him for the major open doors he is experiencing in 2017 with his Columbia Records debut album “All Things Work Together”.  Let’s partner with him to use this opportunity to reach more students. 

“You want people to grab the Easter eggs and the nuggets when they hear it, but at the same time you don’t want them to absorb everything in one sitting, so that on repeated listening they begin to see how the songs are interconnected, how it’s all in context.  Taken as a whole, the album serves as a journey through chaos and hope and brokenness and blessing.”  Lecrae's thoughts on ATWT

Bring Lecrae right into your next youth meeting with his urban hit video “Blessings” and youth meeting guide!

Here's a blast from the past – Lecrae and Tobymac's "Forgiveness" – and here is the youth meeting guide for this video!

You'll appreciate John Piper's hopeful thoughts on Lecrae's new direction.

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